Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Overwhelmed

I'm overwhelmed by the amazing talent and creativity that I've discovered in the last year since I started following blogs.

It all started innocently enough. I followed several different blogs as research for work, so it was easy to get started. But over time, those blogs linked to more blogs, which linked to more blogs, and then the next thing I knew I was overwhelmed by blogs!

But overwhelmed in a good way.

Bloggers are everywhere, talking about everything! And I'm getting sucked into all of it. With bloggers in my own city, and bloggers half way around the world.  I want to see what they're talking about, and what they're creating, and be a part of it. Business blogs, marketing blogs, craft blogs, shopping blogs, decorating blogs, techno blogs, event blogs, personal growth blogs. They are all there, waiting for me to discover them.

And just when I think I start to narrow my topics of interest to minimize the blogs, I stumble across another new topic and blog, and I'm hooked!

I'm going to list some of my favorite blogs on a future blog posting. If I enjoy them maybe you will enjoy them too. But I warn you - it may be overwhelming.

And of course, send me a link so I can follow your blog.