Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of the greatest benefits of going through a focused job search is the opportunity to be exposed to new people, new ideas, and new ways of thinking.

Yesterday I took time to do just that, attending the Indianapolis Productivity Summit sponsored by Slaughter Development. Knowing my situation, Robby Slaughter was nice enough to provide me with a free ticket to the event.

Focusing on four relevant workplace topics, Robby guided us through the what, the why, and the how for improving productivity at various levels of the organization.

One of the most interesting discussions of the day was Scott Emmett's presentation on Servant Leadership. I've been reading a lot lately on the qualities of good leadership. But Scott's points regarding servant leadership struck a chord, and I think are applicable to everyone on both a professional and personal level.

1. Know your people and/or your staff.

2. Look out for others as well as yourself.

3. Be happy with those that are happy, and sad with those that are sad.

4. We are intended to serve one another.

Four simple concepts that can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Are you a servant leader?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Power of Networking


Over the last 7 weeks it's amazing how this concept has taken over my life.

It's seems no matter what I read or what I attend, this simple little concept is repeated over and over.

Network, network, network.

If you want to find a job in this challenging market, networking is key. Because you never know when - through networking - you'll make a connection with an individual that will lead you right smack to your next new job opportunity.

So I'm networking.

- I've joined LinkedIn. See my profile here.
- I've joined Smaller Indiana. See my profile here.
- I've joined Indiana Business Network. See my profile here.
- I'm attending Chamber of Commerce events.
- I'm attending events for Smaller Indiana.
- I'm attending events for Network of Women in Business.
- I'm attending any relevant seminar, class, event that comes across my computer.

All so I can make that one priceless connection leading to my next new job opportunity.

It seems everyone is talking about networking. I read a post today from Erik Deckers related to both the personal and professional benefits of networking. Maybe I should network with Erik.

Are you the connection to the connection that can lead to my next new job opportunity? If so, let's network!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Today's the Day

Today is the 1st day of my blog and day 50 of my job search. I never thought it would happen to me (the job search, that is) but apparently managment thought differently and now here I am.

The world is a different place from this side. I've always worked, so I don't know quite how to accept the idea of getting up in the morning with no place to go.

But I can't look back, I need to look forward.

So I go to work everyday, looking for a job. Looking for a job is not how it sounds. If only it were around the corner, or behind the tree in the back yard.

No, looking for a job is a very different concept, one that's taken me 50 days to start to get my arms around.

Looking for a job is a job.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm quickly becoming connected through all forms of social media. I'm attending seminars, I'm hanging out with the Chamber of Commerce, I'm doing breakfast, lunch, and appetizing to meet the next contact that will introduce me to the next contact that will introduce me to my next job.

Hopefully soon.

In the meantime, I draw inspiration from things I read, or see, or hear about that put a positive spin on the entire situation.

Like the Indianapolis Colts. Take a look at the video on their website. The Colts may not know me by name, but I know they thought of me.

That's inspiring.

Now back to my job.