Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Power of Networking


Over the last 7 weeks it's amazing how this concept has taken over my life.

It's seems no matter what I read or what I attend, this simple little concept is repeated over and over.

Network, network, network.

If you want to find a job in this challenging market, networking is key. Because you never know when - through networking - you'll make a connection with an individual that will lead you right smack to your next new job opportunity.

So I'm networking.

- I've joined LinkedIn. See my profile here.
- I've joined Smaller Indiana. See my profile here.
- I've joined Indiana Business Network. See my profile here.
- I'm attending Chamber of Commerce events.
- I'm attending events for Smaller Indiana.
- I'm attending events for Network of Women in Business.
- I'm attending any relevant seminar, class, event that comes across my computer.

All so I can make that one priceless connection leading to my next new job opportunity.

It seems everyone is talking about networking. I read a post today from Erik Deckers related to both the personal and professional benefits of networking. Maybe I should network with Erik.

Are you the connection to the connection that can lead to my next new job opportunity? If so, let's network!

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