Friday, May 1, 2009

Staying Motivated During the Job Search

Ninety two days into the job search.

While the three months have passed with lightening speed, one of the biggest issues that I find my fellow friends "in transition" and I struggle with is motivation.

Obviously there's a huge carrot hanging in front of us when we awake each day - that phone call that will lead us to the next job interview. That job interview that will lead us to the next job offer. And finally, that shiney new job, the biggest carrot of all.

But still the question remains - how to stay motivated, day after day after day after 92 days.

A recent article on by Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio identifies several key tips to help. If you're not already practicing this approach, now is the time to get started. The article is worth the read, but here's a quick summary:

1. Keep all the business cards you receive organized. Remember that each card represents a person, so keep it personal. Communicate often with the people you've met, and if you've not yet asked them for additional contacts so you can continue to network, now is the time.

2. Challenge yourself with both small and large goals to keep the search moving. Small goals might include meeting 4-5 new contacts each week. Large goals could include 4-5 informational meetings each week. Supersize goals could include interview preparation, reading articles related to your field, volunteering.

3. Audit your progress and adapt as necessary. If the resume is not producing results, maybe the resume needs work. If the phone interview with HR doesn't lead to a phone interview with the hiring manager, maybe you need to brush up on your interviewing content and skills.

4. Take a break for yourself. Don't burn out before you reach the carrot. Take time every day to recharge your mind, your body, or your soul. You'll feel better, and more than likely you'll be more productive once you get back to the search.

Your carrot awaits.

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