Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recovery - When?

Will the job search be easier when the economy shifts from recession to recovery? And maybe even more importantly, how will we know?

I recently came across a website, MarketingProfs.com, that summarizes a great article from Gene Marks in BusinessWeek on this topic. Here are some signs that could indicate a shift to a recovery:

1. An improving Consumer Confidence Measure, released on the last Tuesday of the month.

2. Rising Commodity prices, which reflect an increase in demand for raw materials like steel and copper.

3. "Recovery" vs. "Recession" on Google Trends. "When the number of times 'Recovery' is mentioned exceeds the number of times the word 'Recession' is mentioned," he notes, "that means the media has now become bored with the 'Recession' and instead wants to talk about the 'Recovery.'"

The economy recovered in 1982 following the recession of 1980 - 1981.

Can the recovery for this recession be near?

Check out the entire BusinessWeek article here.

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