Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Back

After a 6 month hiatus, I'm back!  And what better time to start blogging again than the beginning of Fall.  Ok, I know, it's not really Fall, but it's the beginning of another school year, and the beginning of  September, and the start of another football season, and starting this weekend the beginning of cooler temperatures.  In my books, that means Fall.

I love Fall.  I love the changing colors.  I love going to Purdue football games.  I love making every apple recipe I can find.  And I love decorating with all the warm hues of the season.  From pumpkin orange to cinnamon brown, from spice rust to warm gold - these are all my favorites and they show up all over the house for the next several months.

Today, for almost the 30th day this summer, it was over 90 degrees.   It's been dry, with maybe the lowest rainfall on record for the month of August. 

I'm sorry to say goodbye to Summer, but happy to say, Welcome Back Fall!

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