Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Almost Here!

I'm talking about Purdue football!

Two more days until the big opening game - Notre Dame in South Bend.

We're avid Purdue fans.  Even more so since my husband's son became part of the team.  Since this is his last season, this year is even more special. 

There's so much to enjoy - the tailgating, the pre-game traditions, the band (the drum!), the rivalries, SHOUT, and a brand new Purdue Pete!

The next 3 months will be football every weekend, cheering for the black and gold.  It's so much fun joining my parents (30 year season ticket holders!) for the games.  We've been talking about football all summer, getting psyched up for this season.  We have high hopes for our team - we want to go bowling in January!

And what better way to start the season than against Notre Dame.  

Two more days and the fun begins....

It's time to Boiler Up, Hammer Down!

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