Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Fall Wreath

Today I share with you my Fall wreath.  I like it.  It didn't look like this when I first bought it many many years ago.  But it had pieces and parts that really reflected the colors of Fall, so I decided to give it a facelift.

The grapevine wreath base was a standard brown.  Which, over time, had become more and more dull.  Since our house sits back a ways from the street, I wanted something that would be brighter overall.  So...out came the trusty Krylon spray paint, and voila!  Now I have a nice bright wreath base that stands out against the black door. 

Then I added the orange ribbon.  Again, a bright touch that will transition well from Fall, to Halloween, and then back to Fall.  Once that was in place, I started adding back all of the leaves and fruit that were part of the original wreath, as well as some other items I had collected over the years.  Things like that I just don't throw away!

I'm happy with how this looks.  I really like the contrast of the colors against the door, and other than my ribbon and spray paint purchase, it cost $0 to put together!

What's hanging on your front door? 

Martha Stewart

Centsational Girl

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  1. Your wreath is wonderful! I still haven't gotten around to making mine yet. Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Sherry