Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun Sweet Treats

Last year I discovered Bakerella. It's a delightful blog devoted to, what else, baking.

Miss Bakerella says she got the bug for baking after taking an introductory cake decorating class. Her signature treat? Cake pops. Very simple, but oh so cute and unique. She makes thems for just about every holiday and occasion. Bunny pops, chick pops, cupcake pops, pops with a cause. You name it, she turns it into a pop.

Slowly throughout last year, her pops started popping up everywhere. Entertaining blogs across the web started talking about the cake pops from Bakerella.

And people began to take notice.

Martha noticed.

And then next thing you know, Miss Bakerella was making her pops with Martha.

How's that for an internet blogging success story?

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